Sunday, June 12, 2016

Before we were interrupted...

In February (as I remember it) Lisa Hoffman released her first sticker collection, still available in limited supply in her etsy shop.  She now offers Collection #2, soon to be followed by pre-orders for original clear stamps,  teasing samples of which have appeared in her Facebook and Instagram posts.

Also in February, artist friend Lynne Perrella invited a handful of us to create mail art showcasing Lisa's stickers.  Here are most of the front and back of my envelope to Lynne.  The larger, watercolored images are from Lisa's collection.
Coffee mug, cup and saucer, pastry on plate, fashionista, by Lisa Hoffman.
Typewriter, pencil, bird, sofa, butterfly, sundress girl from Lisa's shop (link above).
Quick, before the premier set is sold out, hasten to the link.  Be the first on your block.  Designed for and beloved by the planner community, Lisa stickers obviously bring rich, full life to otherwise dull snail mail.  They, singly or collectively, will also help you create uniquely charming greeting cards.  A versatile product from an exceptional talent.  Hurry.  Hurry.

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