Monday, July 11, 2016

Word of the Week - 123

Word of the Week:  CHEONGSAM
Rather than get my feet tangled in explanations or definitions, I will let you read for yourselves here.  So much better informed.
Photos: IN THE MOOD FOR LOVE, directed by Wong Kar Wai.
A not-too-long ago viewing of the documentary FIRST MONDAY IN MAY, about the gala premier of "China: Through the Looking Glass" at the Metropolitan Museum, reminded me of the fashion art shown in IN THE MOOD FOR LOVE.  Being, as most of you know, a fool for florals, fabrics, fashion and design, I was a'swoon throughout the documentary.  To see the Chinese movie again is very high on my must-do list.  I recommend it for more reasons than I can name at the moment, same for the documentary.  As you can see from the links, FIRST MONDAY is available for Amazon rental, IN THE MOOD is not, though it may be available through another streaming service.  Please only view the subtitled version.

Back to the thought behind this week's word.  Think antidote, distraction, diversion - the equivalent of the shiny tinfoil ball. Beauty will always save us, even when the rhetoric threatens to engulf everything.  Reality will be there when we return, if we choose to.


Melissa Green said...

Oh, my. More riches from our favorite curator. Thanks, Marylinn! xoxo

Marylinn Kelly said...

Melissa - Thank you. xoxo