Tuesday, September 25, 2012

"More questions are on their way."

If the palm readers are of divided minds on which hand tells the story, how do we begin?

The life line in my left palm has a faint and tentative beginning.  Along its journey it becomes shallow, a washed out road, the sort for which warnings are posted about the force of running water.   As this is taking place, tracks from the north appear, run parallel and then merge to form a more emphatic crease which grows deeper as it nears my wrist.  The corresponding line on my right hand is more uniformly deep.

How is it that neither blares, at least to my untrained vision, the events that became crossroads, the fissures where life broke away from itself?  There are no islands I can find that say this is where the temblors struck, setting portions of the land adrift in a sequence of time best identified by change and loss.  Fewer than six years have produced a transformation I can only liken to entering hibernation as a bear and waking up as a collection of parts from three Volkswagens, uncertain if we have what we need to produce, with tools and skills not provided,  one semi-reliable vehicle.

We have, we are, it is all mystery, seeming as unknowable at the heart as around the perimeter.   We trail the poets and gather clues, artifacts of self that we tie up in our hems or handkerchiefs.  At night, the knots undone, we look for meaning in the potsherds.


Elizabeth said...

Awesome post -- I'm looking at my hand right now and wondering. As for Mary Oliver, I heard her read here in LA at Royce Hall a few years ago, and it was exhilarating!

Marylinn Kelly said...

Elizabeth - Thank you. Is there anywhere I WON'T go looking for answers that can't be found? In listening to Mary Oliver, I do sense questions, the way her voice lifts at the end of a line. I'll bet she was grand in person. xo

Anonymous said...

sometimes i wish there was a LIKE button here...because my comments disturb the spreading warmth that arrives when i read your words.

Marylinn Kelly said...

Sherry - Thank you. We could pick a one-key symbol to represent LIKE, a shorthand that wouldn't cause too much disturbance. The % isn't used too often, that might do. xo