Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Rosa Mira, Ratty and the studio assistants

Ratty illustration by Penelope Todd.

In August, Penelope Todd and Rosa Mira Books offered an illustration of Ratty, the publishing house's sales manager, with any purchase. One could select from existing art or have a personalized work created. I was happy to choose Ratty aboard a raft of color pencils. Instead, Penelope drew the clever rodent juggling for the amusement of my studio assistants, old toys whose photo I had posted. He is only appearing now as it took me this long to figure out how to reduce him to a blog-friendly size.  Don't even ask.

A visit to the Rosa Mira blog will introduce you to their catalog, outstanding reviews and close views of Ratty, his home and work lives.  Please visit, comment, shop, become a blog follower and tell your friends about this New Zealand-based company.  Ratty's adventure, and they are not timid, have only begun.  Penelope's drawings, even before Ratty's emergence, charmed me and called me back to delight in the depth of personality she can bestow on the most functional household objects.


Anonymous said...

these guys would be right at home in the studio..soo cute!

Marylinn Kelly said...

Denise - And didn't Penelope capture all their scruffy goodness. Her wonderful Ratty is no stranger to scruff. xo

Penelope said...

What a lovely, generous thing to do, Marylinn. Thank you! The rat and I have been somewhat under the radar seeing to the parents and crashing the hard drive but this is a lovely surprise and no, I won't ask what you went throughtrying to reduce Ratty to size. I dare say he resisted but you've done a neat job.

Marylinn Kelly said...

Penelope - My pleasure. I hope there are positive signs in all quarters of your life. Ratty continues to delight and amaze. He IS his own man. xo